Adopt Now

Adopt now with a special kind of child sponsorship.


By becoming Marpu’s supporting member for 1 year, one is only committed to the contribution of €20,00 (per year) and the donor is entirely free from any other kind of commitment to the association.


100% of the donation will be used for the payment of the children’s school fees. The school where the children are hosted and educated by the nuns of the Congregation of Mother of Sorrows Servants of Mary is called “Mary Mother of Hope E/M School.


The management expenses will be covered thanks to another kind of donation, namely sponsorships, and they absolutely won’t be drawn on the contribution paid by the sustaining members.


First of all, the sustaining member has to complete the registration form by entering some personal data and the access credentials preferred (the password needs at leas 8 characters, a capital letter and a number). Then, you’ll have to make the donation following one of the methods of payment listed below.


Once having received the payment notification, Marpu’s staff will validate the access credentials, which will allow the sustaining member to log in and have access to the website’s private area (‘Adoptions’), where the students’ school life will be visible: their pictures, some arts and crafts, report cards, letters and much more. In this way, you’ll be able to follow their growth step by step, day by day. 

The sustaining member will also receive the proof of payment by e-mail. 


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How to contribute:

By paypal payment


By credit transfer (you must include your name and surname – or the sustaining member’s – in the purpose of the payment) to IT68X0503437831000000003420


The title of member falls after one year, unless the member himself expresses a different will.

The ones who will want to pursue this adventure with us will be warmly welcomed year after year (once having renewed their donation with the abovementioned procedure) with new credentials which will in their turn expire after one year.